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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a drop box so I can drop my car off after hours? Yes. We ask that you drop your keys only in our drop box and leave us a note in your vehicle with the necessary repairs along with a phone number for us to contact you. (We have an After-hours Drop Off form for your convenience under the contact section of our web site)

Do I need an appointment? Not always but we strongly suggest calling before just showing up.

Do we offer 24 hour towing? Yes. We tow for the NC Highway Patrol, Harnett County Sheriff’s Department and Angier Police Department plus all our loyal customers.

Can I wait while the repair is being done? It depends on what service is being done. We usually try to get smaller jobs done first thing in the morning allowing customers to wait on their vehicles. This allows us to schedule larger jobs throughout the day which could occupy a service bay for several hours. It’s best to call for availability.

Are you open on Saturdays? No

How often should I rotate my tires? We suggest you rotate your tires every other oil change or every 8,000 miles. If you purchase your tires through us we will rotate them for free at the recommended time.

How often should my oil be changed? We suggest getting your oil changed every 4,000 miles or as recommended in your owner’s manual.

Do we recycle? Yes we recycle oil, filters, antifreeze and metals.

Do we do flushes? Yes, we use BG products and offer brake, power steering, transmission and cooling system flushes.

Can I pick up my vehicle after hours? Yes, by making prepayment arrangements during business hours.

Are we a body shop? No. However, we do replace bumpers, mirrors and glass. We can however refer you to qualified local body shops.

Do you do lock outs? Yes, on most vehicles.

Do we sell batteries? Yes

Will you install my tires if I buy them elsewhere? Yes we will gladly install them with new valve stems and property dispose of your old tires. However, if you furnish your own tires we do not rotate for free.

Can I bring my own parts? Yes, but, if you furnish your own parts we do not wattanty your parts or our labor.

24 hr towing available!
M-F8:00 a.m.5:00 p.m.

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