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★★★★★Honest & Fair

J. Timothy H. 5Jeff Barnes Auto Repair-Towing

Jeff has treated us honestly and fairly for the last four years for repairs as well as new tires and batteries. In that time period we have taken at least five cars there for everything from transmission and engine replacements (that I know they needed) to oil changes. Even if you don't live in southern Wake or northern Harnett Counties, you should drive a little further for an honest opinion and fair pricing at Jeff Barnes.

March 12, 2012

★★★★★saved money! very positive experience!

First, background info.

Have had a rattling noise under my car for some time now and needed it fixed. Did a walk-in to a repair shop in Raleigh, NC a month ago, and was pressured by a mechanic and told that it would need a replacement catalytic converter immediately and that the rattling would stop my car dead on the road very soon if I didnt get it fixed. I didnt want pay that much so I declined and got a second opinion. Glad I did.

I was given Jeff Barnes Auto Replair by a friend. Jeff said over the phone it would be $225 for my car if it was the catalytic converter that needed replacing. Dropped off the car in the morning, and when I called back in a few hrs I was told by Jeff that it was not the converter but a heat shield that broke off and was just rattling. It was properly taken out and disposed of. He only asked $25. I gave him more than that for his honesty. Glad trusted Jeff Barnes Auto instead and saved over $200!!


July 13, 2010


I have been going to Jeff Barnes for years, after being referred to him by a service manager at a dealership.  I have always had good service.  It is very refreshing to hear you only have dust on your brakes, when you think you need a brake job because of squeaking brakes.  This is just one of the many honest assessments I have been given.  

Steve H.  Lillington, NC                                                                                            

March 8, 2013

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